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Parking Problems?

The biggest challenge you’ll face is to keep your parking lot free of illegally parked vehicles.

Parking enforcement is a massive headache. If you own or manage a parking lot, your biggest challenge is to keep it free of illegally parked vehicles. It’s also important that people don’t think they can park there for free without getting towed away.

Without proper signage and clear rules in place, drivers will continue to park wherever they please and not follow the rules. This creates an unsafe environment for both your residents and local community because no one knows what to expect when they pull into the parking lot.

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No Time To Manage

Sometimes it makes sense to do it all, and at other times it doesn’t. You can either do it yourself or call us for free.

We understand that enforcing parking rules can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we do the work for you - it’s our job. Our team of professionals will tow illegally parked cars in your lot so that your residents and guests are able to find available spots when they arrive home.

On top of this, we offer free parking patrol with free signage so people know what to expect when they park in your lot. We also provide you with free parking passes and free guest passes to get you started with us.

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Northwest Recovery provides professional relocation and towing services so you won’t have to deal with this hassle anymore. Our professional services make it easy to keep your lot safe and secure without having to get out there yourself!

We handle all aspects of the process from start to finish so you can focus on running your business and living your life instead of dealing with illegal parking issues yourself.

Northwest Recovery’s Patrol Parking Program’s

Features and Benefits

Free Parking Passes for Residents and Visitors

No Increased Cost to Residents

No Police or Commercial Towing

 Residents benefit knowing they come first with 100% of service focused on them

Available Visitor Call-in Programs

Allows residents to accommodate guests

Digital Pictures Taken before towing of vehicle

Provides assurance and accountability of tow

Enforce any and all parking rules property chooses

Establishes a buffer between management and residents

Over 100 Combined Years of Towing Experience

Assurance that you have experienced and well-known professionals working for you

Online Parking Programs Available

A completely digital platform, accessible where wifi is available

All Tow Trucks equipped with audio and video recording

Provides accountability and proof for all parties involved

Open 24/7, 365 days/year

Easily accessible at all times and convenient for residents

Customizable Programs

Allows property to customize plan based on need and situation

Free Signs Posted Around Lot

Saves money and provides fair warning to the public

How Our

Actual Clients Really Feel

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“The purpose of our relationship with Northwest Recovery is not to tow tenants’ vehicles. It’s to make sure cars that are not supposed to be there are not there. We have limited parking and it takes away from the tenant. They come home from work and they cannot park. Our towing engagement with Northwest Recovery is a benefit to the tenants.”

Janice B. | Board Member
headshot of Amy

“I would highly recommend Northwest Recovery to private residential properties, especially if they are having a problem with their parking lot. Because every property is different, it's great that Jason is one of those guys who is able to figure out what the problem is and solve it."

Amy W. | Board Member
headshot of Janice

“I’m so happy with them and it’s been a really good relationship. Jason has always been able to help me with any issues we’ve had. They do a really good job. They’re reliable, consistent, are always willing to work with us. They show up every night, without fail, to help make sure our residents have a space to park.”


- Marianne G. | Board Member
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"We’ve never had problems with Northwest Recovery before. The parking spaces are more secure and no longer have individuals parking in spaces they shouldn’t be."

Alina A. | Property Manager
headshot of Brandon

“I’m a board member of a number of complexes, and we have Northwest Recovery oversee both of them...they have been towing our property for years.

We wanted to move to a digital platform, and they’ve provided a great solution for us. With NWR, we don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on parking stickers every few years. We are able to reasonably charge our tenants in a way that is able to bring in income and help maintain the parking lot. The Parking Pass is pretty easy and straightforward to use.”

- Brandon P. | Board Member
headshot of Jason Senne

Jason Senne

Director of Sales and Client Relations

“When we partner with a property, we take the time to really understand what’s going on before we provide a solution. Our Free Parking Patrol has helped so many properties and communities because our team is consistent and reliable in making their rounds. A strategic partner’s job is to make your life easier. With Northwest Recovery, we make that happen."

headshot of Jason Senne

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Northwest Recovery for a free consult.