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Get your project done quicker by moving the vehicles within your lot.

Special Projects

Our Onsite Relocation service allows you to get your project done with confidence

You've done your part and you've communicated to your residents about the parking lot project that will occur in a few weeks. You've secured and paid appropriate vendors to accomplish the project in a timely manner, but you know, parked cars will interfere with the project timeline.

To alleviate the issue and help make sure you can ensure a timely production schedule, Northwest Recovery offers Onsite Relocation for a very reasonable amount.

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Instead of impounding vehicles for the city or for commercial properties, our focus has been to help serve our local communities.  So when there's an immediate need, you can rest assured that we'll be available. Whether your property has a special project it is undergoing, or if your lot needs snow removal and vehicles relocated, our team is waiting for your phone call. 

With Northwest Recovery, your residents come first.

Tow Vehicles Within 1 Minute Or Less!

Quick and Painless

Relocate vehicles in your parking lot when you need to get things done.

When trying to get a project done on your private property, we understand that some vehicles may not be moved in a timely manner. In order to help move your project along efficiently, Northwest Recovery can station a number of trucks on-site in order to help you move vehicles from one side of the lot to another as your team works on your lot.

Our team of experienced movers can handle any size project, from small to large vehicles. Whether you need us to move a car or truck for you, we'll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

$50/vehicle that needs to be towed

$65/vehicle that is all-wheel drive


$100 automatic charge for indoor garage

$150 minimum show-up fee

Our Actual Clients Value Northwest Recovery's

Experience and Reliability

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“Because we have a great relationship with Northwest Recovery, we have a custom process. They’re familiar with our complex, the vehicles, and understand what needs to be done. No questions asked. We give them the authority to do that versus having to go back and forth. We lay it out how it is, and because they’ve been in the industry forever, they know how to handle things."

- Alek M. | Property Manager
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“Jason is great and the company is great. We have no issues. Whatever rules we setup regarding parking, Northwest Recovery helps enforce those rules. If we ever call Jason he always answers. We never have to call more than once. He answers the call and the team works with us. We’ve had them for years and have no reason why we would need to switch. Whatever we need, they’ve taken care of us."

- Nancy K. | Property Manager
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"Residents used to come to knock on my door and call me in the middle of the night for last-minute accommodations, versus now, they’re able to handle it themselves, online.
Northwest Recovery is doing everything they’re supposed to do. Everything with them is always in place. If I ever have to call them, even if it’s on a weekend or Holiday, Jason always responds back, right away."

- Alina A. | Property Manager
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"I love what they’re doing, they’re great! They’re on the ball, all the time.

Because NWR takes photographs of what they do, we’re able to manage the issues quite a bit. One of our guys altered their parking permit and because NWR, had photographs, there was no longer any questions as to what really happened."

- Juanita M. | Board Member
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Jason Senne

Director of Sales and Client Relations

“When we partner with a property, we take the time to really understand what’s going on before we provide a solution. Our Free Parking Patrol has helped so many properties and communities because our team is consistent and reliable in making their rounds. A strategic partner’s job is to make your life easier. With Northwest Recovery, we make that happen."

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Contact Jason at

Northwest Recovery for a free consult.